Supply Chain Management


Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you the ability to elevate your supply chain management strategy by syncing production and delivery schedules to be more efficient so that you can stay on top of customer demand and ordering trends.


Business moves at a lightning fast pace. Strategically managing and streamlining sales and purchasing along with production and distribution schedules is the difference between being able to meet your customer’s demands on time. The role of supply chain management (SCM) is to track the pattern of business activities from the moment a customer makes a purchase until that purchase is delivered. 


Microsoft Dynamics NAV For Supply Chain Management If you need the tools to respond quickly to customers, rapidly pursue new market opportunities, and improve profitability by working efficiently with trade partners, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is your solution. You can tighten distribution processes and improve inventory management for single or multi-site warehouses, in addition to handling order processing and demand planning. 


Microsoft Dynamics NAV also helps you manage a broad range of other business areas according to your particular needs. You can add functionality as you need it and grow at your own pace. 


Key Benefits and Features: 

  • Match the goods you have on hand with customer demand while reducing inventory and distribution costs.

  • Integrate warehouse processes with the rest of your business to help you manage goods and space more effectively and reduce costs and waste.

  • Satisfy demand with multiple planning options and tracking of utilization and materials costs.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you implement production decisions quickly and make last-minute order changes.

  • Fuel productivity throughout your supply chain and respond quickly to shipment delays, order changes, and low inventory.

  • Speed critical documents through sales and purchasing, standardize approval workflows, and enforce approval limits.


Product Spotlight: Advanced Forecasting And Procurement 


With all of today's market complexities, Advanced Forecasting and Procurement delivers competitive, real-world answers that allow you to best manage your inventory now and in the future. The solution, embedded within Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allows users to reduce inventory levels and increase profits, while concurrently improving customer satisfaction. An accurate forecast alone cannot solve your inventory optimization needs. Execution on the Forecast or Time Phased Expected Inventory Replenishment is key to optimizing inventory. AFP yields the most effective forecast and replenishment, increasing customer service levels while attaining reduced inventory. 


  • Enterprise-wide forecasting and replenishment/execution of the forecast

  • Vendor replenishment

  • Hub & spoke branch replenishment

  • Balancing needs with surplus and excess inventory

  • Great Customer and Vendor Collaboration

  • Container Planning

  • Reduced overall inventory investment

  • Improved Customer Service

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