Dan Breier, National Seed

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for agriculture
Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Printing

James O’Brien 

Print Management Partners

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Metal Fabrication

Pam Kocenko

Northern Illinois Steel

"Over the years the SSI hardware department has proven to be an invaluable asset to Northern Illinois Steel."

The industry-specific ERP system that we previously used made it difficult to accommodate some of our customers’ needs.


We outgrew the capabilities of our old system and, we relied on the vendor to make changes—sometimes they could make those changes, and sometimes they could not. What was worse was that sometimes the changes didn’t meet our expectations, causing further delays.


After considering our options, we chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Solution Systems. As soon as we started using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we saw an immediate difference. At first, we still did the checks, but we soon found that was unnecessary. And, we can easily trace back information to the transaction level if we need to verify something. Everything is integrated and available in real time throughout the company.


By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we can see that our rate of accurately billed, on-time shipments meets Six Sigma standards. That means we have less than three errors in every million transactions. Achieving those measures is great, but what’s even better is when we can prove that we’re doing it. These reports have definitely strengthened our relationship with our important customers.”

“It’s been a year after Dynamics NAV has been implemented at TAPCO and company sales are up 25% and TAPCO is on its way to having a banner year. Access to real-time information has almost eliminated the need to pass paper around the company.


The main difference for me has been being able to better manage our data. We have so much new functionality and data that we could never have even dreamed of having before. The shop floor data collection tool has given us the ability to analyze our production efficiencies down to each individual work cell. In turn, TAPCO is making faster and smarter decisions in managing and receiving customer orders.”

"Solution Systems has been there for us to deliver timely solutions and offer great technical support for Big Bay Lumber.  SSI's staff is highly knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and have always been responsive when issues have arisen. We feel confident in the expert advice and support SSI provides to use for both our software and hardware needs."

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing

Andy Bergholz TAPCO

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing

John Tylka

Big Bay Lumber

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing

Dawn Kluchenek SEPS, Inc.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Distributon

Jim Ehrlich

Pierce Box and Paper Corporation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing

Michael Nelson

A-L Equipment Co.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Distribution

Jay Earnshaw

Dutch Farms

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with our new Solution set-up. The migration from the old IBM server and software to the new virtual server and Linux went smoothly thanks to the time and forethought of the Solution Systems team. You covered all the bases upfront and with the exception of one old set of files that needed to be converted, the transition was seamless.

I don’t know if you were nervous about it or not, but I’m sure there is a certain amount of fear when you have to transition as many users and printers as we have. You did a great job!


Our system speed has increased enormously which I am very grateful for. A month end closing process that was taking me two hours due to system resources now takes me thirty minutes. Order entry takes our people much less time than it used to so we’ve seen an increase in productivity. All in all it has changed our lives!


On the Windows side of the virtual server, we are all enjoying Microsoft Exchange – I never imagined it could be so good! I’m looking forward to exploring more functions and applications on the Small Business Server side.


Great job! Thanks for helping our business!”

"Solutions Systems (SSI) has been an excellent partner for Pierce Box and Paper over the last 6 years. Whenever we have a challenge that can be solved in NAV SSI works with us to evaluate it and come up with viable alternatives. Each project, no matter the size, has been well managed with respect to the quoting process, communication, and implementation."

"The team at Solution Systems helped us on a seamless business data transition a number of years agao, and continues to provide critical support to our systems and business. Keith Stefanski and Ken Sebehar are knowledgeable, responsive, valuable to our business, and have helped us with a number of issues over the  years."

"Solution Systems, inc. is truly a team of experts that continually and without fail meet our demanding requests both on time and on bugdet. A software partner is an investment and Solution Systems provides an exceptional return."

“We knew our Unix-based system was going to soon be extinct, so we needed a new ERP package. We wanted to find a solution that would offer us a full range of functionality, was fully integrated, and would let us evolve right alongside with the continual changes in technology and needs of our customers.

We now have the means to forge ahead as an independent, midsize distributor in the extremely competitive, thin-margin perishable-goods industry. In our industry, timeliness is everything; by using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we can provide the next-day delivery that is so critical to our customers.
The return-on-investment of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has actually come in our ability to now have visibility and control over all areas of the business.

As we have grown and acquired more businesses, we have enabled those businesses to use the ERP system so that we can perform tasks from inventory management and purchasing to pricing centrally. What’s great is that I don’t have to be at our Detroit operation, for example, to know what’s going on there. By using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, I can see and control every aspect of our operation.

We’re striving to become a major player with the chain operations that need a regional supplier. And with Microsoft Dynamics NAV in place, we can do that because we can meet all their system requirements, such as EDI. And because of the flexibility of the solution, we can keep up with any other requirements they set for their distributors.”

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing

Jim Gio, Manager

Information Technology

"You took us from running a 25-year old green screen system and replaced it with one that is light  years ahead of where we were. This was no small task, but thanks to all of your combined efforts, we had a very successful transition to NAV and we are already looking to the future and what we want to do next with it."

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Retail

Douglas Czurylo, Senior Director, Finance and Administration

Solution Systems has been a great partner for us throughout the years. They are responsive, helpful and dedicated to making sure our system is running as well as we need it to at all times. I never have to wait for an answer, and any problems we have are solved quickly. I value our relationship with not only the company, but the employees as well, and I feel they are invested in our success as well. 

Alicja Goldberg, Accounting

Durable Office Products Corp.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Retail

"Solution Systems was very helpful when we needed an ERP solution for our company. Sarah and her team answered all of our questions and recommended Microsoft Dynamics NAV and we've been using it for years now. Thank you!"

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Retail

Charles Parrilli, VP of Finance

Cristaux International

"Solution Systems does a really good job! Microsoft Dynamics NAV has helped to streamline our financials and manufacturing which in turn has made our organization a lot more efficient. Thank you SSI!"